February 2, 2009

My head spins

Daniella my co-worker left to Arizona on Thursday leaving me behind alone working on a friday. I got a help from the Director. It's quite uncomfortable having her at the other desk helping me getting the calls but I am so very grateful that she was there for the support. I had a busy day and I was glad I didn't get so much bad donors.

Today was a spin day for me. Early start hour within 30 minutes I started turning the phones on, the 2 lines were blinking non stop. Richard the manager of the drivers were helping me to get the other phone lines on hold. My boss arrived after 30 minutes which I was still joggling the calls but I did get help after that. We got a new temp and she arrived 10 minutes before 10am. She was being interviewed and later then my boss trained her for the job. I was still on the phone majority taking all the calls. Busy day for me and my head spins more not until I got a call from this crazy guy. I can't imagine how bad mentally he is. The story that we were discussing just keep on rolling with the same conversation. It is so painful to be in the situation I was already tensed and I hanged up. Later he called back and Liz picked up the phone. Same thing happen he just keep on talking and talking. The boss finally picked up the phone from us. He told the man to stopped bothering us for we can't no longer help him. He suggested that if he want to make any other comments with our service he better call the police so someone can speak with him. The man just said to him 'you will sue me or kill me?'. His sick and with the talk I was with him I had trembled for several minutes because I was angry and my blood rises.

There are just so many crazy people in the world that you can find anywhere. I hope families who has sickly family member will take notice of it and don't let them get away in the real world. It just make me get angry thinking about it.

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Hazelicious929 said...

Hello girl, how are you? busy na naman ang beauty mo dyan? hope everything is fine with you