February 16, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

When I took off from work Friday afternoon, I hurriedly went to the mall to grabbed some chocolate for hubby. I went home without wasting my time inside though I wish I could have enough time to look around some good stuff but at the back of my mind I need to make a reservation. So I came home browsing and reading website for different restaurants. I booked 3 different places and I had one last Thursday too. So all in all I have 4 reserved and it's up to hubby to decide.

He came home at night searching for me while I was in the room busy folding the clean laundry. I never thought of a surprise until I saw what was on top of the dining table. A beautiful bouquet. It was nice of him to get some when his time was too limited. I really appreciate his thoughts. This time it's not all about white roses. It is a mixture of a dozen roses, calla lilies, different kind of fillings and a pink ribbon where there's an inscription of Love. A new bouquet that I wasn't used to but I loved it. I on the other hand surprised him with a gift. I wrapped it with a pink inscription of love too. It was an Ipod dock that he can used with his nano. He liked it and I was happy seeing him appreciating it.

On heart's day, in the morning I gave him a box of small godiva chocolates. He said I gave too much but I said no and responded with a hug and kisses. Before going out for dinner, he gave me a touchy card and dined at Fontana. While inside the restaurant he told me with another surprise of a shopping spree. That's very nice and unexpected.

Sunday was a bad day it was pouring rain. So decided to stay all day. But today, he asked me if I wanted to go for his treat and so we went to Gilroy premium outlet. I had bought a pair of shoe, dress and accessory. I felt bad about him not feeling so good and driving me while the weather was not really that good. But he wanted me to give what he had planned and I was happy about it.


Hazelicious929 said...

Wow! nice jud diay ang Valentine's Day nimo girl, nag shopping galore jud ka ha hehehe

belle said...

wow, sweet naman ni hubby..:)


dapat lang e shopping ko niya kay bad ayo ang dinner ato gisapot ko