February 25, 2009

Waiting for 100% recovery

I have been sick for days and to be exact it's 8 days right now. I thank God the fever just stayed for 4 days. My weekend was used laying in bed trying to get better. If not with hubby, I could have not make it to feel so good. He was there attending all my needs.

Both of us are still sick today and we are trying to get better. It's not really too good to be sick together. It's just coincidence the virus struck me so fast and I had caught it very badly too. Hubby got more strength to work on the 5th day. I tried working on my 6th day. I just stayed for 4 hours but was forcing to get the work done. I was in pain. The boss was kind enough to advise me to go home while he was just working alone by himself. It was tough to be in that position where all of his staff were sick. Today, the three of us came to work and he got more lighter things to do. We had a good talk and discussed on some issues about one person. Not too certain if we will let it go or not. It depends on how things or how busy the office can get. As to the number of calls that came in for the last week, it drastically drop to it's lowest for the last 3 years. The lowest we had in count. I hope for the best and people will start calling us back.

As for my health, I hope not to get sick again. The doctor I visited yesterday told me that this can go for days. Normal 7-10 days. If it stays, I need to take anti-biotics. I will fight this viral hard and so I can be healthy again. Also, I am dying to eat really good food. My taste bud is off and until now I am waiting for the day I could taste how good the food is.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear that you feel better dai. take it easy

Hazelicious929 said...

I hope you are better as yesterday girl... I miss chatting with you.