March 1, 2009

Commemoration of Cebu Wedding

This might sound odd but it's not for us. We spent our wedding anniversary twice. Infact, we were married twice in a Catholic Church for the loved of our family. Every year, we spend it in February and September. This year hubby and I were bought sick on the day of our actual date. We both agreed to moved it to a weekend. So last night, we went to Fog Harbor. This is our 2nd visit to this place. I remembered last year where my pasta was so delicious. I suggested to dine there again and we had a marvelous time with our food. We started the evening with our drinks, and crab cakes for appetizer. Hubby got his lobster tail and I got my prawn scampi. It was good. We enjoyed our dinner and right after we walked around the nearby shops.


Hazelicious929 said...

wow! ka sweet ba oi, twice jud mo mag celebrate anniversary hehehe

Happy Anniversary girl!

ring-my-Belle said...

congratulation, belated happy anniversary! :)