October 30, 2009

Quite busy

I would summary this month as an entertaining month. I spent sometime with friends in occasions like birthdays, housewarming or just a friends visit. It was nice to be able to spend a time with them. It's really nice to know having friends with whom you can talk to and share laughters with.

If not with spending time with friends on some gatherings, in others time do my editing and learning how to use my video software. I am fascinated to learn some techniques. But this month, I didn't get so much time learning my camera and techniques. I hope I can be inspired and motivated again to learn some new stuff. Anyway, to sum it up this month is a sharing time with friends, learning technical skills and planning for the next trip next year. The latter is more important which I have to purchase my ticket soon. I will get to tell you the details when the right time comes.

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