November 6, 2009

Another Sad Story

It was March when I lost one of my first fish Taffy. I had remembered how the feeling was and now I felt like I am going to have the same feeling. I bought Taffy together with Blue. The latter is the beta fish. For me, he is the smart fish. When I get home, I can see from the door looking to where he is that his excitedly swimming to get my attention. The body language I get makes me delighted to see that I am recognized by the fish. I had never seen a fish that could interact with a human. In some way this fish can.

Yesterday, hubby told me that one eye on his left is trying to pop out with some white pigments around the eyelids. I can sense that his not doing any good and he didn’t eat his food. When I got up today trying to eat my breakfast, I checked him again. This time the problem eye is getting worst and the other eye is having white pigments too. His fins are getting the same pigmentation and it’s all over. It’s the worst part to see him suffering. I don’t want to loose that fish but there’s no way for me to prevent it. I guess it’s his time. I will surely going to miss him.

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