November 18, 2009


When it comes to sports attire, my preference will be Nike. It’s the name brand I have no doubt about looking. Actually, it’s one of my favorite. My shopping experience in the mall will not be complete if I could not pop in to the store. That’s just how fanatic I am with the product. But, in today’s fast technology, my shopping can be so relaxing with the internet. If I have the need to get a new pair of shoes or shirts, I will just browse around with my laptop.

The particular site that I check at most times is Zappos. They promote a lot of name brands that it feels like shopping in the mall. It’s very fast too. You just have to type in the name of the brand you want. Like for example, if I check Nike I just go to the main page to the search engine. It’s very convenient. There is one item I certainly would like to have. The Free Trainer 7.0.3 that costs $80.10. It’s on sale too. I wish I could buy it now or maybe I would ask my husband to buy it for me. This site is just really nice. If you are interested like me in Nike’s, sneak in to Zappos.

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