May 6, 2010

Dying to Get

Speaking of hobbies..I don't have much. The only thing that really occupies my time is photography and making videos. But I don't have much leisure to do my readings and experiments. So right now I just let my camera stayed in it's bag and the progress is too very slow.

Somehow one day, when I can finally able to grasp everything it will be an achievement in my part. Don't have to brag about it but it's one of those things not all people has the time and passion to do it.

Because of this passion, I am thinking about things I would need more to complete it. It's not easy money though because these stuff are expensive. I will take one day at a time. I would buy when there's extra money.

In my lists:

1. Light meter - need this very badly. My photos aren't too great with exposure. I had so much time editing to Photoshop. Maybe this can be at hand this year. Who knows if Santa Clause would read this. LOL!

2. Sony hi-definition handycam - great for travel and any important occasion. I already have an old sony handycam which can really take good videos but it's not high definition. There's some issues on the noise and grains. Definitely hi-def is a way to go. I would want to get one, if the price would go down that I can comfortably afford.

3. Strobe lighting - this can be so good when I can finally able to get the light stand, umbrella and of course another Speed light flash which is way not too necessary right now. But it can be so nice when I dreamed about having my own studio. Just a dream.

4. Computer - would be good for extra use in editing projects. My laptop's memory is not capable on some of the software I bought. I need to get more space and storage.

5. Lens - a couple of them I would really want to have. Maybe now the TOKINA ultra wide angle. Just like I've mentioned, it's expensive so that's why I am holding it.

I may be not buying so many stuff like most of the girls are. Getting something like luxury branded shoes and purses. But my passion are way far beyond what majority of the girls wants. I just know how when to get it and needed it the most. For now, everything is on hold. It can wait.


Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Roche! Yeah, the weather here in ND is unpredictable. I wish its summer here now. I have been wearing coats and jackets for a month now since we came back from our winter travels.

And you my dear, got a very expensive hobby! But keep on doing it because I know you have a passion for it and I know that you will do good in everything.


Hi Hazey..I'm touched lol!