August 27, 2010


I don’t really have an idea what Sclerosis means until I read over the news through the local magazines and news online. In my science class in high school I could not recall the time when it was discussed. I guess I didn’t pay attention much to it. I had missed a whole thing. It’s good that through the internet information can just be found if you know how and where to look. But it’s just easy whatever related topics out there it will just popped up.

Multiply sclerosis news is just overwhelming if any of the family has it. I am glad we don’t inherit and wish it will not be in our blood line. To tell you about it different people has different reaction to the disease. Each patient is treated differently. This inflammatory disease caused brain problems with and spinal cord damage. There is no standard treatment to each patient so it’s advised that if these things happen, proper approach should be quick and the family must be aware of how serious this illness is. Some of the treatments are through multiple sclerosis diet and multiple sclerosis exercise. If any of your family has these problems or undergoing this, make sure you get the best medical treatment there is. I know it could be hard, but loosing someone is far much worst than loosing dollars.

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