September 15, 2010

Eyeing for A new Camera

I just have known today that there is a new release from Nikon. I got an email from B&H. Nikon introduced Nikon d7000 to be released mid October. The features could be between the D90 and the D300s. Man! or it could be more than what the previous camera has. My excitement increased as I have read the features of this cam. To add note, the video capability is enhanced but not as high as the canon with their 7D and 5d Mark II. Regardless of its video spec, what's interesting is that it is in between the two nikon that I am eyeing on. Though I geared towards the D300s. I wish I could get it.

I already have a camera but definitely I need one additional because I have more lens now. The recent trip was so much a hassle replacing each lens to the other with their own specific features. Definitely one additional camera can make one good trip nice but it's quite heavy to handle. My camera is already a good one but I like to have the low noise capability. I am very particular about it and most of my pictures I post process it to avoid it. I would prefer maybe 1 camera that can make all the good difference with just prime lens and wide angle. Minimizing weight and improving photos, nice!

D7000 - aspiring to be the 2nd best camera of my taste. I will check first on the consumer when this will be tested mid October.
D300s - my 2nd best dream although the D700 is really the best. But I am not a pro so an advance amateur camera is very ideal for my needs.

D700 - my best camera to date. This is a pro camera. This is just a dream camera. A photo enthusiasts like me could be too much for my wants.

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