September 19, 2010

Fun Experience @ Edna's Ichiban Library

It was 10 minutes before 8pm Saturday night that I came with my friends. In fact, it was just yesterday. I would like to tell you the experience I got with the club. It's a small joint with decent decor with touches of Asian taste. The lights are up to date not too elaborate but definitely fit the ambiance. The sound system were fine not too loud to explode anyone's earlobe except only singers who don't know how to control their voice. I was trying to really read what's the equipment's name that their using but I can't figure out from the distance and because it was dim too.

Our reservations was at 8:15pm entered the room and was suddenly bombarded by the comedian. I saw Ray Kilay, Kim and Doveron I believe I can't figure out the name. Anyway, we started our night with ordering some familiar filipino dishes of course. As you may know this is a place for Filipino who is looking for a good laugh and good food. I think it's the only place in the bay area that is more decent compared to Mr. Suave in San Jose. We waited for our table until our others friends arrived. 30 minutes later, our friends came and ordered food as well. Our friend Judith celebrated her birthday and she was recognized by the comedian and asked her to perform. She did go up on stage sang 2 songs with too much comedy jokes from them. Sometimes the jokes was over the top but she did take it lightly and was just having fum with them. I was thinking that time, oh my if I am going to sing with that kind joke would I do the same thing with Judie. Just laugh along and just be comfortable?

But I got my share of fear and the awkward jokes was thrown at me too when I was called to sing. I literally made a joke back because being on stage I am not really frightened about crowd. I had trembled really because I don't know how long will the comedian throw the jokes at me but it was just bearable jokes and I was thankful. In fact, I sang last minute 2 songs before the show ended. Good thing. I had people said good phrases on me and I humbly said thank you though as a singer could hear me I don't really perform that good. But as an amateur who never practised, it's a little good.

Back to the food, it was good and I like all we ordered. Friends were great though the bill is high as not expected. But sharing is the best. lol!

Ray Kilay

I was with Ray Kilay and Kim while signing Runaway from The Corrs.

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