September 15, 2010

Visited A Couple

It has been over due to visit these friends of ours. I had known them since I got here relocated like 5 years ago. I always do remember how warm they are to know me as they have known my husband. I could have gone to see them again a few weeks ago before our trip in Hawaii but because of so much preparation, the plan was moved to another date. The week that we just got back I told hubby to call his friend. He was in a barber when he called him and tried to check if their available to see us. It was Sunday morning. He got a replied and when he got back he told me if it’s okay to visit them. I had no hesitations since I want to know how the couple is doing.

We arrived at their place with a warm gesture and not long we went out to eat. It was a short lunch and went back to their place. I had a tour at their new place. They just recently bought a house. It’s a bigger house now with a huge backyard. It was so huge and accommodating. It could be so nice to have a big party. But, knowing them how low key they are. Their privacy is more important. But me as a party freak, my imaginations gone big that moment.

We stayed for a couple of hours and part of that was staying at the backyard, overlooking the valley with the sunset. It was so gorgeous. I saw their outdoor planters. They have a few of them and will still be continuing to buy more because of the space. They need to fill up the ground to make the background more inviting. They hired a landscaper to do some projects and beautifying it and I am sure it will be more beautiful on our next visit. Inside their house, while touring I saw their indoor planters too. This couple love plants and we did give them an orchid that day. They were both very happy.

I wish I could have the chance to take photos with them and their place but I was kind of uncomfortable to take out my camera and shoot. They are very private people so I hesitated to capture what I had seen.

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