September 15, 2010

Family Cabin

Guest post by Morton England
Every year my family and I spend one week up at our cabin. It's on a private lake and we share the cabin with a bunch of other families so the bills are affordable. It's got a paddle boat, canoe, and a motor boat. All of these boats can be good for fishing depending on what you are trying to catch. You can catch a million little fish right by the dock or venture out and try to catch the really big fish.
We only get together once a year so during the last week of July we set the ADT alarm system and take a trip up north. The drive isn't too far but it's just far enough that you aren't worried about home. You get almost no cell phone reception which works just great because you have a legitimate excuse for why work couldn't get a hold of you.
I prefer to take the motor boat out when I go fishing because I'm always concerned I'm going to get a fish in the canoe and end up tipping it over and losing the fish. Or swimming back with the pole and the fish is still on the line somewhere. We've got plenty of funny fishing tails from our cabin up north. It̢۪s our home away from home.

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