September 11, 2010

Marriott Kaui Resort & Beach Club - Hawaii

We checked in Friday September 3rd til the 7th. Though it has been paid til the 10th. It's the time share that would let you use for a week. I was really glad to be able to get in a right timing during labor day. I am glad too that hubby was up for it as well.

When we got there from the other hotel and our little excursion of the island, we rested in a grand place. We checked first one room that was offered. We went there and it wasn't the room that we are hoping to get. So we asked the front desk to change rooms and we got a better room overlooking the pool and ocean. It was one of the best accommodation we had.
The road going to the building

Hubby took a pose

Side view of the covered valet servicePillars

Nice building design - so hugeI have to take a pose for a souvenir.
Escalator going to the hallway and lobby to check in

Elevator - Kahili Tower

Entrance of the room (villa)Living room

Another shot with living room together with the kitchenette.

Another angle shot with the living room this time with the small dining area where the mirror is.
Guest vanity area.

Bathroom - same style with the master bedroom. I have no pictures taken inside but it's a little bigger then the guests room.

Me and the bed
The angle view of the room
More shots with the bedroom.

Patio chairs outside the bedroom and living room. Same style.

The view from the patio.

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