September 9, 2010

Nostalgia and a movie

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

Finding something to do together as a family can seem impossible. It's hard to get everyone to agree on an afternoon or evening out. Going to the movies is one of those things we can get both the boys and the girls to agree to doing. It is for this reason that we try to go see a movie at least once a month. For this same reason we often spend the time and money on family movies, often animated, as those ones generally throw in a little humor for adults to enjoy, over the heads of their children. On the odd occasion that my husband and I can get out alone to see a movie, I usually prefer something scary or thrilling.

We have a couple of choices when deciding on where to go for a movie during the summer. We can go to our local cinema complex or in our area we are lucky enough to have two of the few remaining drive-in theaters. The drive-ins are a must atleast once every summer and you really can't beat the price at $14.00 a car load for 2 movies. If you have a drive-in in your area, the nostalgia alone is worth the trip, so pack up the kids and snacks, set your Adt security system, grab the mosquito spray, and enjoy the show!

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