September 9, 2010

Kauai, Hawaii - Adventure

I went back from a 6 day trip in Kaui Hawaii. It was very nice relaxing island. I had enjoyed my stay. We rented two different hotels. The first day we had rested in Aston Aloha Hotel. Pretty much older hotel. It still clean but needs more tender loving care. The rate was good because it was way much cheaper. You can get what you pay for. On the resort, you can walk to the beach area. There is a swimming pond there for a family to swim. The dike was made intended for a pond. It's a nice touch.

What is surprising to see in the island is the wild rooster. I had read about it but I didn't know that it's everywhere. I could imagine the respect the locals show for the balance of nature. They are all untouched. The island is pretty laid back. If you get the rest you need, this is the place for it. Me and hubby had so much on the island. Though we didn't plan about touring around, but we did explore 3/4 of it. Nice beach area and scenery.

The remaining days we stayed at Marriott Kaui Resort and Beach Club. A perfect place for swimming in the pool and beach. We were able to swim in the beach and swim in the pool. They have the biggest pool and very pretty. I will attached some pictures later in the next post.

So far the vacation that we need was achieved. It rejuvenate our spirit and energy. It's really nice to be able to get that days off when you need it the most.

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