December 12, 2010

Marie Calendars, Sunnyvale

This is the 2nd time I went to the place. My first time when I went there was just to try their pies. It was good. So last night, I tried to dine to eat some real food. I was craving for pasta and with not much choices available because it was almost 9pm and not much restaurants open I made the decision to dine there. Menu's are not much and it wasn't so delicious. The prices are way expensive with the lists of menus. That's just how I feel though. In this particular restaurant, what I noticed is that the building is too old. It got that smell of rustic old and mold feeling. I don't know maybe I am just picky or something but I wasn't really that comfortable there. Maybe next time, I will not go eat there. Perhaps to go there is just to go and grab their pies which is delicious somehow.

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