December 9, 2010

Loosing Weight

It's quite hard for me to loose weight these days. The season is full of sweets everywhere. Infact, a few days ago my manager gave me mint chocolates and filled up empty small jar at work. It's even too addicting that the jar I filled up is almost empty now. I wish I could avoid it but it's just too tempting not to resist. But I know it's not really good for my health right now. I need to weight loss some of my gain pounds I accumulated for the past 3 years.

Yesterday I went out to a store to get some inner thermal for the season. It's depressing to look at the cute fashions on display. I wanted to get back into shape and would not worry about how small the size of the clothes. I like to bring back that spirit of not worrying what to wear. Just come and go. At some point, I feel like trying the weight loss pills to get me back what I really desire. But I just dont know what's the best weight loss pills out there. I just read about shop best diets. It's promising to read about something that it's effective. I might going to try it. I am crossing my fingers for it.

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