December 12, 2010

Plant Lover

I just started to really care about having plants at home when my husband gave me bouquets of flowers and eventually orchids. Somehow along the way, he started buying some greenery. The hanging plants died but the remaining now are just seasonal plants that still lives now. There is the china doll and orchid which are all indoor plants. I would like to have those indoor planters to put all together my plants. It’s quite a mess right now where it’s been sitting. I would move it later on when the indoor planter is already in my possession. It’s one of my plans these days as to where and how can I move my plants into a very suitable environment.

I don’t know if it’s good to use the outddor planter instead but I know one thing. I had tried it one time and put them outside. Sorry about the spelling what I meant is to use the outdoor planters. The reaction of the plants didn’t go well. So I moved them back inside. I am debating what could be the best for them. It looks like they prefer to be inside with some sun and so I will just go with that. Christmas is soon to come and hoping that I can put all this in no time.

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