December 21, 2010

Missing A friend

I had met my friend Wella in a fitness center. We were introduced by my friend Hersil. This was 7 years ago. I am thankful that with a friend’s introduction I was able to know Wella who is very nice, real and can be trusted. We turned out to be best of friends now. Our path changed with the years that had passed. Our friendship remains strong. We may not talk or chat often, but the bond is there.

What I had remembered from the day I met her was in a gym locker. We were changing our regular clothes to gym clothes and a jolly friend who was talking to her where exchanging laughter. I had a very light feeling towards her and that instant I sense that I could really like her. So every week we meet in the gym exchanging what our day had been. The wood lockers in the gym were our hiding spot to talk alone. To this day I treasure all the moments we had in the lockers where our friendship started. I can’t be thankful enough to the opportunity of meeting someone really nice and I am missing her. The last time I saw here was 2004. It has been so many years and I wish one day I could see her again.

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