December 21, 2010

Visible Signs

I was invited to a Halloween party last October. The host of the party was a new friend of mine and the party was held at her place. I basically rely on GPS when I drive to a new location. I was not familiar to where she lives. Though the GPS helps, I can’t tell and I had the difficult time locating which house number she’s at. When I got to her street and looking for address sign, I wasn’t able to see it. I parked the car hoping to see familiar car and waited until I saw a friend of mine went to the street. I asked her where the house is and my friend was also leaving that very moment. Too bad I didn’t get there early to chat with her.

Anyway, I checked again the house to see if there’s an address plaque somewhere that I can notice but I didn’t see it. My eyes were just so blind at night. It’s hard for me to focus. I wish those address signs are visible at night. For me those are important especially to people who has difficulty during the evening. If I had not seen my friend, I could have waited for several minutes until a familiar face showed up.

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