December 19, 2010

2010 Christmas Party

I had a good time with our 2010 christmas party. It was held at a friend's cloubhouse. We arrived late and glad that we were able to make it. I thought we will not going to make it since we were kind of busy. Our weekend these days are just too uptight with our plans. But after all the hectic schedule, we were there to join our friends and everything went well with the party.

The white elephant was cool. I made some funny statement to make it alive. I guess always does have that fun element when I am at a crowd. But it doesn't always happen. I just felt that the party need some spice that time. At least I had made people laugh and others did share some funny comments too. It was fun. The ice breaker of the event.

For my pictorial session, I once again forgot the basic element of photography. Check the ISO and WB and lighting of the place. I just did the WB but didn't register to mind about the ISO. I was using the flash too which created more harsh lights and I had pictures blown out. Too bad because some were really good ones. Anyway, I had photos that are funny and great.

My friend judith was so funny when she was acting like this. She made us all laugh.

Here's another scene funny scene when these two gals gone wild.

A picture taken by my friend.

Our Christmas photo for the year

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