December 4, 2010

New System

This week at work, I was introduced a new software. Though I only got to do the encoding for now I felt that the system they got in favor to replace our current database is not that efficient as I thought it could be. Since the management already decided to get that new system, I thought it’s much more reliable and efficient. I found out when I tried just to encode a few data it lagged the server. That’s too crappy in my point of view as far as using the program. I had informed my manager about how I felt with the program and also my other office mates did tell their opinions too. I hope whoever made the program can fixed the server and provide more efficiency to the user like us. It’s funny to think that my manager had said to me that to use the program might as well to try to use it one user at a time. What an advice? I just laugh deep inside. There’s no better program if only one user can use it in a manner of time.

I wonder what kind of website hosting they use. I hope it’s a better consistent host like web hosting fan. This company provide a better service with the server and it's very reliable. I just hate using a program that won’t work for me. Especially, I will be the most go to person to do the major work. I am crossing my fingers that it can do a better job and that user like me can do the job effectively.

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