December 4, 2010

Argentina corned Beef

I grow up eating corned beef in the morning. My mom usually prepare breakfast for us. It's unforgettable for me that I have such a kind warming mom who took really good care of us. She loves to cook and I miss her cooking very much.

Yesterday, I got the time to cook the can corned beef which I had bought early this year. Imagine the patience to not cook it that fast. It is because it is not easy to find such a brand here and most american corned beef I tasted it's not the same like what I am used to.

Anyway, I had Argentina Corned beef from Philippines. I cooked it with garlic, onion and tomato. It's good but I think what I remember when I was young was the that there is still another brand that has more flavor than Argentina. Next visit, I will going to find that brand that I really get fond of. For now, what I have is good enough.

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