December 4, 2010

Amazing Outdoor Wedding

Guest post written by my buddy Troy Moon

My friend Katie has always wanted to get married next to a lake, in late October... and she finally got her wish. This year, Katie and her fiancee Nate were married next to a little lake in northeastern Ohio with the full colors of Autumn on display around them. Since I was a member of her wedding party, my boyfriend and I were going to be out of town for more than one night. We fed the cats, set the security alarm from at our condo, and headed out. The drive to the hotel near Katie and Nate's wedding location was gorgeous - trees and wildlife everywhere. We had almost as great a time just driving to the wedding as we did attending.

The ceremony itself was gorgeous and extremely tasteful. Though partially cloudy for most of the morning, the sun came out for about an hour - just long enough to say the vows and take a few photos. My boyfriend and I decided that if and when we decide to get married, an outdoor location similar to Katie and Nate's will be one of the choices we consider. I was really excited that I was able to be a part of a day that they'll both remember.

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