December 3, 2010

Something to Use for

My family in the Philippines has some small business. We have a little factory for home materials. Not that big of a company but a business that sustain good income for the household. It has been decades of up and downs but it survive all these years. I am lucky enough to be able to get something out from it through my parents generous help.

I visited my family early this year. It seemed it almost like a year from the time I left. I miss them dearly. While I was there visiting, my hubby had noticed that in the factory my dad need a tarp. He always stays there to watch the workers. He had observed because of the extreme weather conditions there, he advised my dad to use a tarp. So what he did, he shopped a canvas tarp a real good one that's durable that could last for awhile. I sent it through a package last October and I am hoping that it will arrived anytime soon. These tarps that we bought can really shelter my dad from being outside. I hope he could use it for his advantage and for the benefit of his health as well.

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