December 3, 2010


If I were to compare between baking and cooking, I would prefer to bake than to cook. For me baking is just simple. Follow the instructions of every baking recipes you could get and that's it. Whereas with cooking, your palate has to be tested. You need to find it in order you could cook a good meal. I have a difficult experience on this but eventually I find my own palate. I am no way a very good cook but I am learning. All the food I cook are edible. It's just sometimes I want perfection and for me what I am doing is not really great. Someday when constant practice it can be possible.
For this post, I would introduce baking on a ready made brownies from Ghirardelli. This is the 3rd box out of the 3 different brands that I was trying to test. I was looking for a product which I could find one the best for my taste. I find this brand good than the others but maybe I will experiment with other brands too. For now, this is my choice. I love the taste and texture. Though maybe the outcome of this was a bit overcook so next time instead of cooking it as what the instructions is, I will cut off the minutes of its baking time. Maybe it could turn out perfect. Until then...

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