January 13, 2011

Submitting A Report

At work today, I am reviewing all the documents I have for our e-waste program. I have to go online to update the information and submit an annual report for 2010. While I was on the site, I was stocked because when I looked up to the previous year 2009, the totals I have in count doesn’t match what was reported. I was kind of questioning the number and I was not able to submit the report which I was about to. I talked to my manager about it and together we look at the web hosting site and read through it. She was stocked as well because of the information I gave her and there was a date that was too strange for the reporting year. She made her notes and she will talk to the director about it. I hope she can get how the numbers were derived and that she can report the numbers I already printed for her.

The website that I went was pretty much very informative. There are so many things to read about. I wonder if the government used the best windows hosting company. I think it is because the speed is fast and I didn’t have to experience to wait. I just hate waiting for the site to refresh and reload. Other company when it’s up running there’s the tendency to lag. But for the site I went, it was cool. I got no problem. For any site you may wish to check, visit web hosting rate. They listed companies on their site and it will tell you which one is the best.

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