January 13, 2011

Our road trip to uncle Vinnies for Christmas

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

There are some things every year that the whole family sort of dreads. Our family has the trip to uncle Vinnies for his special holiday get together and famous egg nog. The party is for adults only that that is for a very good reason. My uncle Vinnie really enjoys his eggnog and with that enjoyment comes him trying to dance with everyone there. This would be an okay event if it were only that simple, unfortunately uncle Vinnie enjoys taking his shirt off and exposing his large belly to all. This year as my husband and I were slowly getting ourselves prepared for the trip to uncle's house, my husband decided that we would buy Vinnie three new shirts for Christmas and insist he wear them all at the same time. Before leaving our house I was in charge of setting the adt security system and grabbing Vinnies three new shirts. The plan for the event is my uncle would eventually get tired of taking his shirt off and we all would be spared the nakedness of uncle Vinnie. Everyone at the party loved the idea and we all vowed to buy him shirts only for years to come. This year our drive home was so much better since we didn't have the aroma of uncle Vinnie on all our clothes.

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