January 13, 2011

Wish to be in a house

I grow up to be in an average house living under the roof of my parents. I am proud to be living with them since they are a good provider. Now, living in the states is different. Prices of the house are outrageous so many of the working force are either way living in an apartment, renting duplexes and houses and lucky for the rest who got their own place. It’s purely hard work when you can hit that goal.

The other day, I was browsing my folder in my pc and I saw pictures of our homes here. I wish I could just live one of the homes and just have the other rented. The location at work forced us to change our plans. I hope one day though if it’s possible to get another new place. I want to get the blomus stainless steel mailboxes where our mails would be safe. Not like what we are right now, it’s pretty scary to leave mails behind without checking it every day. I really like the stainless steel mailbox. I feel safe with it.

What I also missed out our place was the fireplace. We have some tools for it and the blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories would be a great addition for it. I am wishing one day I could buy something for the fireplace. Hubby already got some of the stainless steel fireplace accessories and safe keeping it for now. It’s nice if we could add another thing if in the future our luck will be in our hands. I am crossing my fingers.

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