February 14, 2011

Places to check

What makes life exciting is when you filled it fun from here and there? You would go for a date to a concert, a game, a move house, a restaurant and just be romantic. What I miss about doing is to watch lots of several concerts. I have certain artists in mind and without me checking on their schedule I miss their shows big time. Someday I really have to check in every now and then so I would know which area they will have a show and which stadium will it be.

I also have not ever been in a sports game. There is an AT&T park in San Francisco that I have been looking to go to. There are so many chances of seeing the games there but I have not just so focus to check which team and what game are on. I hope one day that I will be able to attend and get that sports fanatic feeling.

There are just so many things to see in the areas that would be in line of your interest. If you want to check stadium there is Kauffman Stadium, Yankee Stadium, and other famous sites like Madison Square Garden and Staples Center. Check this site that I’ve mention because most of the local entertainment and sports industry are using this site very often.

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