June 21, 2011

LG MED Supply

It’s proven and tested that this product works and helps a patient. I bought last March one of the products in muscle stimulators. I was debating that time what to use if I could just get the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle stimulator. But I got the final choice of getting the muscle stimulator. I was not sure that time if the machine will be allowed by his primary physician. I ordered the product online through free shipping. It came just in time and hubby brought it home to test on my brother who is undergoing physical therapy. I asked the primary doctor of my brother if we can use the device while he was in the hospital. We we’re told that we can and we used it. It was a very effective tiny little machine.

When we were testing the device on my brother, I was thinking that the tens units could have been more helpful to him. But, I bought the machine with discounts and the price was a good deal so I am happy with that but I wished I could have bought the much better functions. Anyway I will let the machine run it’s course first and if it’s going to broke for no apparent reason I will definitely buy another one. That’s how satisfied I am with the product and the products condition. If you want to check more information about this company, visit LGMEDSupply online. You will be contented of the product that you are getting. Also, to read more details with other satisfied customers like me visit their online customer blog.

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