July 18, 2011

Be Aware of Medical Negligence

The experience I have with my brother who suffered from a stroke due to hypertension was an eye opener. The supplement I feed for my body and mind is beneficial. I need to be aware what kind of food I take and how much nutrient value does it have. I keep on calculating how much calories each meal I could have. It’s crazy in the beginning because it was not something I used to do. I read the package content now. I measure how much per serving it has then balancing the meals I had for the day.

Anyway, the encounter I have with my brother’s doctor was excruciating. The test they did to him was all over the place. It’s like all the different areas of the human anatomy. I saw how my brother suffered from all those examination. Only to find out, negative! I feel like getting a medical negligence lawyer at the time. I thought they didn’t do their job but they just want to do their experiment about his condition. Due to the fact money was running out from my end and the family’s saving, no choice but we just followed what they told us. I knew and understand they just want to make money with us. So cruel to think how doctor’s can do that. They should sympathize to my brother’s financial burden knowing they already have the history of his case.

This is what this link http://www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/areas-of-practice/medical-negligence.aspx could help to those family who might have the same status with mine or somewhat feel that the medical practitioner’s handling their case aren’t doing their job and would like to justify the work they do for their loved ones. Get more info with the link and check it out.

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