July 19, 2011

A beautiful Beach

Kaanapali Beach is located on the west side of Maui. You have to passed the town of Lahaina and you could get to see this beauty. The beaches of Maui are property owned by the state of Hawaii. So every beach line and beach front, folks from every where either could be tourists and local could enjoy it. There is no restriction of using the property except no alcoholic beverage drinking in the premises. I would not agree to this restriction because I saw people doing it and so far with me being there I haven't witness any human casualties from drowning or whatever the circumstances might be because of drinking alcohol.

Anyway, I set foot on this beach the 3rd day of my stay in Maui. I really like the beach. The time I was there the beach was so turquoise and temperature of the weather was perfect too. Though it was a little humid that day, I had enjoyed my time.

My hubby and I were under a shade of a tree with some couples around us having a great time too. While I was done with swimming, we stayed there to enjoy just looking at the beach, feeling the breeze and people watching. It was so nice to get there.

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