July 19, 2011

Getting Teeth Fixed

The smile of a person can brighten a day. I used to laugh and smile often. But, my teeth as a child and grown up was worst for me. I felt awkward showing my teeth. Every time I laughed, I covered my mouth in purpose. I was shy about it. It was indeed crooked. Until now, it is still crooked but not the way it used to be. I got to put braces twice but I took it off due to some circumstances that it needs to be removed. From the time 2nd time I took it off, I have not gone to my orthodontist. I already have problems smiling now. My jaw line is a little off. I feel a little uncomfortable when I smile. I know I should get to see another cosmetic dentist.

I browsed to www.smilegeneration.com/care.aspx hoping to get an idea to my location but unfortunately there were no local listed in my area. It is too bad for my part. But, it can be useful for other people especially who are living in the Northeast of the Bay Area. The lists of general dentist they have are pretty good. I am sure this information can be of help to them.

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