July 17, 2011

Having some summer fun with my grandkids

Guest post written by Amelia Cook

It seems like almost everything seems so much sweeter during the summer. I'm not really sure why but it just does. Part of that is definitely the warmer weather, the better mood that it puts you in. But I know that for me, personally, a big part of it is that I get to see my kids and grandkids a whole lot more during the summer. They don't live close to me so it's really just during the holidays and the summer when I get to see them.

You might even say that I live for the summer because of that. I was looking up some fun stuff that we could do because I've exhausted the zoo and other things like that so far this summer. While I was looking online for that, I saw the site http://hearingaids.miracle-ear.com/hearing-locations/michigan/a/ann-arbor/ and after I read through it some I decided to sign up for a hearing aid test.

I got the idea to go out and buy a cheap sprinkler. The kids loved running around underneath it and I even ran under it a few times too!

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