July 15, 2011

Last Dinner Date in Maui

Well, the very last night that I spent in Maui. Just a cool day doing less but to dine at a good place. There was a deliberation whether to drive far from our hotel or find somewhere near Kihie. Instead, we went to Buzz's Wharf Restaurant. It's located in a harbor at Ma'aleae Bay. It's a little drive from South Kihie. I called the restaurant prior checking if the place is packed. Good thing it wasn't and we got there in a perfect time. The restaurant closes at 9pm and we got there at 8:20pm. Good I called beforehand.

Ambiance of the place is cool, clean, and a little different kind of aura. I don't know maybe I was expecting too much of the place. Too glad I wasn't really wearing formal or anything like that. I was too casual infact. I just didn't mind to be myself, without worrying about what clothes to wear and just hit and go. It was not a stressful evening to eat dinner.

The setting arrangement. It's not a table of white cloth but a shiny table top with candle top lit. It doesn't show the candlelit in here since the staff were cleaning the place ready to close down the restaurant for the night.

The front page of the menu.

The food was too pricey. For me, it is overpriced. Taste wise, it is good but not really enchanting enough that I could think of it when I get out of the place. It didn't create a drama for me. It's not the same like I had the feeling when I dine at Roy's. In comparison with their molten lava cake, Roy's won over the battle and a dollar cheaper too. If I go to Maui again, definitely it's a good place to dine maybe for sunset or lunch but for dinner maybe find someplace else. It's overprice. That's just my 2 cents for this restaurant.

I forgot exactly the name of the entree. The taste is sweet. I got a chicken with pineapple on top.
It was good. Tender and juicy. Nothing magical but it was good.

Molten lava cake. It's a $10 dollar dessert. It was good. To compare Roy's lava cake is more powerful than this. Also, a dollar less. Out of curiosity, I got this for dessert. It was not bad.

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