November 14, 2011


What is airsoft? I didn’t really know what it meant until I met my husband’s cousin. The last time I saw my cousin was in the Philippines when I visited her and the rest of her family. The husband told me about the training he got with the airsoft game he was involved in at an organization that Cebu is handling. The men in the islands are so fanatic with the game and I have seen all their guns. At first I thought that what they are using were real guns. I was kind of skeptical how come these guys were too relaxed displaying their stuffs. When I know it was not real, I got the concept why and how they loved it.

Seeing the website at makes me feel excited to inform them about the products they could buy. Even if this is too far away from them, I could actually have another cousin of ours which live the closest and purchase it for them. The website is very interesting seeing all the variety of products they carry and I feel like I am in the candy land. How much more to say if the husband of my cousin can see it? He will be dying to get many of the products from them. I will probably send him an email soon before the holiday is over. It will be a nice Christmas gift.

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