November 14, 2011

Goodies from a Friend

I was shock to receive so many good cosmetic products from a friend. This friend of mine I recently meet just a month ago. Our friendship started online where we were introduced by a common friend. It has been 2 years or more. I am really glad I finally met her and our schedule coincides. She seemed to be a very nice girl. I like her personality and the way she thinks about life and future plans. We are both in the same page. I like that.

This was our first date. We went to watched a movie and she treated me at Tomatina.

Anyway, just few days ago. She sent me a message through text and told me that she will give me the rest of the products she got from bare minerals. The products didn't suit her sensitive skin while she knew that I am using that cosmetics she gave me all what she has. I was so delighted when I got it because I never thought it was a lot. I was only expecting maybe 1 or 2 powder and just few eyeshadows but I really was surprised about it. So I am thankful for her thoughtfulness and generosity.

So many right? I am blessed.

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