November 20, 2011

Eye Make UP - Smokey Purple

How gorgeous the color of the purple looks? Isn't it amazing? Do you think it looks good on me? For me this is by far my perfect try out. I was not too sure how the color will turn out. The mirror I have used in the bathroom was too deceiving. Maybe 3 layers upon layers. Looking at the mirror I saw it wasn't. When I see this picture, I was happy to come up with more thickness of color. I hope I won't forget the technique. This isn't my 2nd nature so it's quite tedious for me. I might as well write it down here so I can go back and review this when I want to do this look again.

My lip was a little odd. I wanted to do the nude thing but I was lazy to find my nude lipstick . I matched the bronzer to balance the colors of the face. I maybe I did overdo the cheek but I think it is still okay when you look at it. I have more make up than usual because I want to make sure the camera can get the colors right. Indeed, it was.

I don't have perfect skin and I am being for real here. My pores are not great regardless of the treatment. So I just have to embrace what's given to me. Not flawless but perfectly natural.

Step 1:

Bare minerals - prime, maybelline foundation, bare minerals all over face (i have no concealer at the moment so I used it instead)

Step 2:

To set up the foundation I used bare minerals powder. Warmth to contour the face and blush from Maybelline

Step 3:

Urban Decay for eye prime, base from Revlon 2nd from left, neutral palette coastal scents for eyebrow from bottom left 2 column 1st row.

Step 4:

start from bottom left 8 column 1st row all over lid spreading a little on top of crease
6 column 1st row for V shape blending inwards to the lid and crease
11 column 1st row for smokey look blend to the crease, lots of blending til there's no harsh line
8 column 5th row above the crease line
1st column 7th row & 5th row combine for highlight

Step 5:

Eyeline from L'oreal, bottom liner maybelline, 8 column 1st row on top of eyeliner for more dramatic look and mascara from Estee lauder

Step 6:

maybelline lipstick, lip gloss from victoria secret and on top clinique - i like to combine colors

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♥mommynthree♥ said...

love it!


thanks girl

Tia Coco said...

Do you like using the Urban Decay Primer? I have found it semi dry sometimes and I have naturally oily lids. This look is great on you!


Hi Tia,

Thanks for dropping by. Honestly, i think I agree with you. it somewhat semi dry. Like you I have oily lids too. I don't know if I really like it because it runs to dry fast and I have to use another eye cream base. I will still have to finish and empty the bottle before trying out another product. I might be thinking Too Faced.