January 22, 2012

Dimsum Craving Satisfied

Hubby took me to ABC restaurant in Milpitas for Dimsum. My very first in the restaurant and I would say the Siomai tasted good. It depends on each individual about their preference but I loved it. Now I know where to go and eat Dimsum. Though I haven't tried others that they offer. I saw a few that I recognized when the cart was passing our table. I saw chicken feet and so many dumplings I am not very familiar with. I also had pork bun it was good for me. I still like eating Siopao in the philippines if to compare it but the bun they have was closer to taste.

Hubby ordered on the side sweet sour pork and crab claw. The latter I wasn't impressed. It was rubbery and it was like eating jelly. I don't like it. The pork was okay. It didn't really give me the wow factor. Overall, I will still go to this restaurant for Dimsum. I love it.

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