February 3, 2012

Back To school

Well, well well what can I say? This is a drastic move. I haven't thought of it until I've realized there's no way for me to grow in my career if I don't take classes. I may have a degree in accounting in the PI but with no experience here accounting per say, companies just snob me. I hate it and I don't like it. So I hope just taking few classes can help boost my resume and confidence of a new employer. I hope one day I can get in to accounting field. I need a change so bad. I am already bored not growing at work.

So, with my 3 classes that I am taking, I don't know if I still have the energy to have some fun with other extra activities. Work, home and school is a challenge. I haven't tried taking 3 classes in one time. I don't know how I can manage with all of these. I will be a busy bee..

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