February 12, 2012

Dusita - Thai Place

Hubby and I tried this little Thai place in El Camino. The name of the place is Dusita's. I am not too familiar with the restaurant though I always see it every time I drive El Camino. Hubby was looking for spicy food. He got tired of bland food.

Just trying to check if we could like the place, we did somewhat. Though I really don't like their bbq pork which was cold and taste was just okay but their garlic chicken was good. The pineapple rice was good but not really that good which I was hoping for. This is what you will get if you don't really read reviews. Anyway, somehow the basil rice that hubby got was good though the hot spicy was too much for my mouth.

I have mixed emotions with the place. I might going there just to get their garlic chicken but the rest I don't know if I would still want to.

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