February 16, 2012

A Bellagio, Campbell

It was nice of my hubby to reserved a seat for our valentines evening. Glad he was able to booked for the day though it was kind of late in doing reservation. He had us reserved at 5pm which was too early but it was a perfect time because after work we were both starved.

The ambiance inside was nice. It's a little tiny place but the decor and seating arrangement was cool. All white linens, some candle light and tiny flower to set up the table. We were greeted by the host and our table waiter was pretty nice too. He spoke italian. Trying to practice I guess because he told us he pretty much knew 50% of the language but he sounded right to my ear.

The food was good. I don't know about the hors d'oeuvres I don't have so much feel about it. I guess it was okay. Cold food really isn't my thing. The pasta dishes was really good. I would say par to my expectation. I got a little carried away with one that has the lobster. It was really a good dish. The main entree I got was the filet mignon. Restaurant cooked it medium rare. I asked them to cook medium for me but still it was kind of bloody. I wasn't into eating it that much. Aside from I was almost full. But the sauce and vegetable with it really complimented the dish. My hubby liked his and he did enjoy it. What I enjoyed most of the dining experience was the desert. I can't live without one. All 3 desert was fantastic. Love it!

Overall, it was nice to dine there. But maybe the pre-set menu price was a little over than what it is. I don't know maybe I am wrong. What I can say is that the experience I had with the place was pleasant. Service was good and the food as well.

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