July 15, 2012

Eye Make Up - Blue / Purple

This was just out of nowhere look. I tried to copy one's look and I end up different. Well, it's because of the product that I am using and I am a little bit inexperience. But hey, this is the fun of learning you will get surprises. Actually, it turned out nice and I think it suit me well. Also, I have been practicing for days how to put lashes on though I was successful putting it on but it wasn't balance. Not having a magnifying mirror is hard so I was eye bulling and it wasn't balanced at all. It's funny to look at in the pictures. Once again, we all could start from bad to good right? So one day, I could perfectly put the lashes on. I say I am happy I know now how to and well keep on practicing.

Bare minerals Primer
Revlon Photo Ready
Max Factor Concealer
Bare minerals Powder Foundation
Clinique "A Seasons worth of Pretty" Blush

Maybelline #160 Cherry
Nyx Lip Gloss Beige Pearl

Urban Decay Primer
Nyx Electric Blue Jumbo Pencial - all over lid way pass crease
Coastal Scents #40 pat 3/4 of the lid
Coastal Scents #43 pat 1/4 where #40 ends
Coastal Scents #57 crease blend good
Coastal Scents #1 & #6 highlight
Nyx Jumbo Pencil Milk Inner Corner and Coastal Scents #1
Maybelline Eye Studio in Black, start where Coastal Scents #1  and for eye liner
Coastal Scents #57 smudge below Maybelline Eye Studio
Water Line Maybelline Define-A-Line
 Estee Lauder Mascara
Ardel Lashes #301

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