October 22, 2013

Fun times with Friends in SFO

It was a lovely day Sunday Oct 13. Throughout the day, the sky was clear and bright. No fog for a typical SFO weather. It was a bit chilly morning. It reminded me that fall is already here and the cold season will be here soon.

Days ago, the girls and I had been discussing through FB about what could be the best outfit to wear in SFO. None of us knew what the weather like except Myrabel who gave us the information by the weather forecast she saw online. Then, somehow Tomoko who went there recently told us to wear jeans, top, jacket and comfortable walking shoes. Great, sounds perfect!

That was exactly two days before, when I had the last conversation with the group. I rummaged my entire wardrobe that day and found a denim chambray dress from Forever21 that I only wore once. It’s perfect for the occasion. So comfy and light. I paired it with a black skinny jeans from Hollister that hubby gave me as a Christmas present last year. I was glad it still fits despite the pounds I gained couple of months ago. Now for the shoes. I looked in my closets and with a surprise I found a mustard flat boots that I got early on this year which somehow was overlooked. I was quite skeptical at first that I may not find anything. I was only days away from the get together and I don’t have enough time to buy stuff online. I find it at ease shopping online rather than going to a physical store. Most of my purchases I conveniently use my computer at home and with just a click there I got my stuff. Also, I really find good deals.

The boots season is going to be a full swing soon, it is best now to shop when you can. The good time to buy and find those comfortable boots for women and men is when a store starting to phase out the current seasons products before the season ends and before the beginning of each season. From here and there, they will throw out some products at a discount price. That’s my two cents advice. I did this several times and I find such good deals. Better watch out on that and be a reasonable spender.

Anyway, back to my trip to SFO. I left the house at 9:10am and went to Arlyn’s house where we discussed to meet up at 9:30. Myrabel and her mom came up after and lastly Tomoko came after them. Tomoko was our designated driver. The plan was to ride the world famous cable car, lunch and go to Lombard. The purpose of the trip was for Myrabel’s mom to see Lombard St. One of the tourist destination in the world. It’s one of a kind. The world’s crooked and steepest road.  She was fascinated about the stories she got from her friends so she wanted to see the place. The loving daughter Myrabel can’t say no to her mom. They are wonderful people I tell you.

So we did able to ride the cable car after over an hour wait. Tomoko just drop us off at 20th Ave. We paid $6 bucks one way going to Hyde Park. I can’t even remember how long we had there to stand under the sun. But good conversation with friends can make the time run faster. I had my fun times with them.  Later, we had lunch at McCormick and Kuleto’s, bought some candies at Ghirardelli and Tomoko drove us to Lombard St. The itinerary was very straight forward. We had accomplished what we’ve wanted and especially to be able to make Myrabel’s mom happy.

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