October 5, 2013

Cut Crease for Hooded Eyes Emerald Green

Another look using a cut crease technique... Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Products in details to follow.


Anne Sanborn said...

Hi Magz,
Got your blog link from mine, thanks for commenting on my love story, charorot kunohay aherm...

Bisaya ka? Ako pud. Lurv lurv your make up tutorials, I don't apply eye shadows or whatever ka ek ekan but I find yours guapa kaau. Nice blog too.


Hi Anne,

Yes bisaya kaayo ko taga Cebu.. I think part ka sa ako blogroll before but when I changed my blog layout na delete nako and I forgot to save the link.. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

Ava Mancuso said...

Wow! I just found you r blog, and love your looks! Especially this one! Good job! :D <Lucy or Ava
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