November 10, 2013

Double Winged Liner for Hooded Eyes

Finally I did it. I will be honest. I practiced several times to get the hang of it. I couldn't count as to how many times I did it, just imagine Lots and lots of time constantly doing the same thing. There are many ways how to create it but in this video I make it this way. For starter, this is the best demonstration and easiest and fastest way to do it.

 To shorten the video, I skipped the video on how I did the eye makeup with a cut crease. If you see my other video, it's the same technique nothing special except I made the flick sharp using a tape to give me that sharp clean edge.

If wondering what eyeshadow I was using for the whole eye makeup, I was using Lorac Pro Palette. 

Hope this video helps. You will be amazed how beautiful your eyes can be regardless if you have hooded eyes.......... Stay beautiful inside and out...

The following are unedited photos. You can tell that it's true to colors despite my other edited photos. I hate doing lots of edits :) White Balance - Daylight (facing the window) - D90 with Nikkor 35mm

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