January 27, 2008


My vacation started in Hongkong last Jan. 13. Winter time of season so mostly its overcast and foggy. 2 days being there, I felt good no overlaying of clothes. On my 3rd day, the temperature dropped so I started to put on more clothes. Until my last night, we took a ferry to Macau for 2 hours by sea. It was more chilly, windy and breezy. I was freezing. I just thought of not getting cold so I could not get cold even more. It helped but it wasn't a good feeling.

The day we left Hongkong, it was a fine cooler day. Arriving in Cebu that night, temperature changed. It was hot and humid. I felt not so very good. But tried not to think about it. When I got home, I got stomach problem. For 2 days I felt that way. Today its the 27th, I am sick with sore throat and running nose. I know the reason why. It's the dust and sudden temperature change from cold to hot and humid weather also the smoke coming from the neighbor. I saw that they always like to burn leaves or something in there place and the room that me and my husband were on the 2nd floor so we can not get away from it. It irritated my system.

I just hope to recover completely so I can enjoy my time being here. My plan wasn't laid out pretty well here and I want to feel at least having a good memory before leaving the country. But yesterday and today I already had one to keep and even just this two will be fine. If there could be more better day, the better it gets.

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