February 29, 2008


I am an avid fan of Celine Dion. From the day I heard her sing with that 3 octave high pitch, I begun to love her and ambitiously want to be like her. I had hoped my voice quality could sustain the song but I am not born to be a singer and possessed that talent. There’s no one like her in comparison. Her career peaks at the top when she sang the song My Heart Will Go On at the popular movie Titanic. It was just a beautiful song. My heart melts and my hair stands every time I hear that famous tone.

She’d been away from the limelight and stayed in Las Vegas doing some few shows but now she’s back to do more touring. She will have couples of show in England and other parts of Europe such as Ireland, Dublin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Sweden this May to September this year at different times. If you are living in England, you can purchase London tickets at Viagogo.co.uk, a leader in ticket hub in Europe. The company matches buyers and sellers of concert tickets, sports tickets, theatre tickets and more. If offers a very reasonable theatre tickets, you will save more money and guaranteed better seats. Don’t miss this special time with Celine. Visit the site and find the theatre tickets London. With just a few click and easy transaction process, you can have your ticket ready in time.

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